Shawn Moody:


Vote in Maine’s General Election

Climate Change is a serious threat to Maine’s environment, our fishing industries, and the thousands of Mainers that they employ.
Despite clear evidence from scientists and experts, Shawn Moody has denied that humans contribute to climate change. We can’t trust him to address the threat this poses to our state’s fisheries, economy, and public health.

"Two new scientific studies are highlighting the current and future impacts that rising ocean temperatures will have on lobster, clams and other important commercial fisheries in the Gulf of Maine. Research on nearly 700 North American fish species predicts Atlantic cod habitat could shrink by as much as 90 percent by century’s end and that lobster populations could shift 200 miles farther north as a result of climate change.

— Portland Press Herald, 5/23/2018"

On November 6th, Say NO To Shawn Moody